A girl named Alice fall through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures.
¿Dónde está el perrito?
A book to encourage little ones to recognize animals and locations. Full bright colors and friendly characters.
10 indiecitos
An adapted version of the classic song “Ten Little Indians” known to generations of children.
El Bajaestrellas
A dot silver moving in the sky is the beginning of this adventure, one night looking at the stars.
Cómo bañar a un marciano
Recently a Martian reached Lucio's house, and apparently to stay. Or so they said.
Is the protagonist of one famous Japanese folk tales. It tells the story of a child born inside a giant peach.
¿Cómo hace el perrito?
A fun book to encourage little ones to recognize animals and their characteristic sounds.
La ciudad donde vivo
Shows a city full of extraordinary people seen through the eyes of a particular inhabitant hidden on each page.
It all started when a little monster ate a crayon and it still wanting more ended up finding something much better.
EQUIS en Londres
In the city of London, In England, The second largest carved diamond in the world was stolen, by a superhero?
Tin Marin
Based on a popular children's song, this book is full with colorful shapes and told us about a friendship story.
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